Enjoying the Run (and more) when the Break is Finally Over

Ok… so I have been absent for a really long time.  January 2016 was my last post on this blog, and it was such a negative post.  I would like to say that the past 20 months were easy and that I pulled out of this downward spiral with no problem, but it didn’t happen. As a matter of fact, I got to the point that I quit running and working out all together.  I stopped eating right, got overly sedentary, gained 20 pounds and lost my fitness.

But that’s not the end.  It does get better, even though it took a while for me to get myself together.  I started a new job in August 2016… my dream job.  I became a college professor.  I am now the Assistant Professor of Marketing at West Virginia Wesleyan College. I couldn’t be more excited.  But it was also very challenging.  Between learning this new job, prepping for classes and working on my doctorate, there just was no time for running.  I gave in.

At mid-year, I decided to take a three-month hiatus from my doctorate to get better settled into the new job.  It was the best move I could make. The year went well, and by the end of it, I was more organized and prepared for classes.  After I got the year closed out and finished some projects over the first part of summer, I decided to hit the trail again.

It was tough…. I was starting over.  I couldn’t even run a mile without taking walking breaks.  I was angry and disappointed at myself for letting this happen.  But I was determined to keep moving forward.  I was determined to carve out some time at least three time a week for some kind of workout, but would shoot for five if possible.

That was two months ago.  Yesterday I ran 4.9 miles… to celebrate my 49th birthday. 🙂 Not only am I running now, but I got my old bike out and started bike riding, too. I’m waiting to get a new bike from Fat Tire Cycles, and should be riding it in the next couple of weeks. (I’m so excited!!) My husband and I purchased kayaks this summer, and we fell in love with kayaking and fishing on the nearby lake or river.  I try to squeeze in at least one to two power yoga workouts each week as well.  (My balance is in dyer need of it, for sure!!) This summer, we’ve also went horseback riding and hiking.  I have so much energy now.  I feel great, and I can’t wait to get home to throw on some kicks, jump on the bike or stretch out on the mat.

What’s the purpose of this whole post? I’m just here to tell you not to give up.  It’s so easy when we feel down, when life gets in the way and keeps us from doing what we want to do.  But it’s OK!! Sometimes, we just need to let life have it’s way and tell ourselves that we will get back to doing what we love.  Maybe we don’t completely quit, but just settle for easing back a little until life settles down.

If you are where I just came from, don’t give up! Hang in there and trust that everything will work out.  If you need a break… breathe, rest, reorganize and the GO!! #EnjoyTheRun

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About Kim Conrad

I live in West Virginia with my family on a small farm. I'm a country girl at heart, so I feel quite at home here. I love God, and my family and friends. I enjoy marketing, reading, music and sports. One of my newest passions is running. I started a blog about running the hills and hollars of West Virginia so I can share the beauty and challenges through the written word and pictures. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your stories with me as well. God bless!!

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