2014 WV Race Review Changes

My racing scheduled has slowed down a little with winter upon us, but I’ve still been crazy busy with the holidays, work and preparing for a new semester as an adjunct professor. So I’m running a little behind on writing reviews for a couple of races I did complete at the beginning of January. (But they will be coming in the next few days!)

The main reason for my delay is that I’ve been trying to decide on a template to keep the race reviews consistent. I want to deliver information to you that may help you decide on whether or not to do the race in the future, but I want to be sure I don’t miss anything. So that has contributed to my belatedness as well. Please accept my apology and know I’ll step things up to get you more timely and accurate information.  Here’s is what future reviews will entail….

  • Race details such at distance, time, location, weather, cost, sponsor/charity, etc.
  • Pre-race and post-race events
  • Runner information such as how many, ages, etc.
  • Course details
  • How the race director, committee, volunteers did
  • Awards and how I did
  • Pros and cons
  • Miscellaneous such as history or race or area, local legend, etc.
  • Overall rating
  • Pictures of the race will always be included

Gold-Medal-225x300For the overall rating this year, I thought I would use something visual.  At first I thought I would use the Star Rating with one star being a bad race and five stars meaning it was a great, can’t-miss-this-next-year race.  But I didn’t think stars really related much to running.  So I decided to use medals.  Hey, we all love to get medals from the race…. this was my chance to give a medal back.  So I will give gold medals to top races, silver medals to middle ground races, and bronze medals to the needs-a-lot-of-work races.  Of course, please realize I’m giving you “MY” opinion of the race…. there are always others with different opinions.   But I do try to be open-minded when rating something.

Finally, and something I’m very excited about is the fact that I may have some guest bloggers helping me with race reviews.  Last year I ran in a lot of races, but of course I couldn’t hit all the races in West Virginia.  So I’m talking with some running friends of mine that hit races in other areas and of different distances to add some spice to my race reviews.

So I wanted to write-up this short post to let you know what’s coming to my running blog in the very, very near future.   If you run West Virginia races and would be interested in sharing your review here… just let me know.  I can’t pay you for the review, but I can help promote your blog, website, Facebook or Twitter page.  It’s always interesting to get a review from someone else’s perspective.

What do you think of the template I’ll use?? 

Is it too much information??

Am I missing any information someone may want to know about races here in West Virginia??

About Kim Conrad

I live in West Virginia with my family on a small farm. I'm a country girl at heart, so I feel quite at home here. I love God, and my family and friends. I enjoy marketing, reading, music and sports. One of my newest passions is running. I started a blog about running the hills and hollars of West Virginia so I can share the beauty and challenges through the written word and pictures. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your stories with me as well. God bless!!

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  1. I love the idea of a consistent format. All race information is good 🙂 My reviews are kind of all over the place. You are right we all love medals and bling. You know I ran a race today and there was no bling 😦 lol I had a fun race anyway.

    • Thanks for your comment. My first half marathon didn’t offer a finisher’s medal. I was a little disappointed, and mentioned it in my review. Fortunately, I did enjoy the race…. it was also my first trail race. Very challenging.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through reading Sam’s (RunNurse World) and I am excited that you run locally so I can read your race reviews! I just started my own blog as well and would love to share my reviews if you would ever want them. I hope you don’t mind me linking your blog on my blogroll for others to visit as well! 🙂

    • Hi, Cecilia. Great to meet you!! I hope my reviews will help you out in the future. I’m getting ready to post a couple review from races I ran earlier this month, so be watching.

      Thanks so much for linking to my blog. I will do the same for you. I need to update my blog roll and include Sam as well. I would love to have you share your reviews here. That would be awesome!! Let me know what races you’re doing in the future, and we’ll def work something out. 😀

      • Nice to “meet” you too! I was reading a few of your posts and we ran the Miles of Smiles together. 🙂

        I added a page on my blog that has tentative races for this year so if you see any you’d like reviewed for your blog, just let me know! Happy running!!

      • Awesome…. I’ll def do that. We’ll have to plan to meet at a race sometime.

      • I see you’re running the Mon General Ice Pop 5k next month. Would you be interested in writing a review on that race? There’s not many races in February, so it would be cool to have one then…. plus that sounds like an interesting race. Just let me know.

        I also see you’re running the Decker’s Creek Half in June. I don’t have that on my list yet, so I’m not sure I’ll be running that one. If I get to run in it, maybe we can meet up at that race if not sooner. Enjoy the run!!

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