I Ran to Palm Bay, Florida

As the 2013 is coming to its final hours and minutes, I’m sitting here trying to keep myself occupied (and awake) long enough to watch the ball drop at midnight. I have an hour and 40 minutes to go, and the Texas A&M and Duke football game isn’t doing that much for me. Although I have to say… Johnny Football is as impressive as ever.

Anyway, I’m tired of football as that is about the only thing on our TV during Bowl Season.  So I thought I’d write my last post of the year.  I didn’t know what to write about, so I did some social media surfing and checking on the weather for the next few days.  I have a Running into the New Year 5K tomorrow in Charleston, WV with clear sky’s and temps in the low-50’s.  YEA!!  But then I have a half marathon on Sunday afternoon with a forecast of rain/snow combination and temps in the high-30’s to low-40’s…. I fear that’s going to be a long 13 miles. 😦

As I was thinking about my running accomplishments for 2013, it really struck me that I ran 867 miles this year.

867 MILES!!

For a novice runner in her first full year of running, that’s not too bad.  Then I thought to myself… it would be really cool to see WHERE I could have run to… something like a Forrest Gump moment…. just taking off and running until I was done.  But instead of 3+ years, it would be 867 miles for me.  I played around on Mapquest.com for a while finding where I could go.

Going north, I would be somewhere between Montreal and Quebec, Cannada.  Now, I have never been to Canada and would probably enjoy the visit, but NORTH?  No thanks… I’ve had enough of cold, snowy weather here.

palmbaySo I thought I’d head out west and ended up near Joplin, Missouri.  I guess that would be ok, but that’s not much excitement or relaxation.

But then, I started looking south…. aahhhhh, Florida!!  Sunshine, palm trees, ocean breeze, warm temperatures…. that’s where I wanted to go.  What an awesome run that would be.  And when I got there, I could run on the beach early in the morning to watch the sunrise and maybe catch a glimpse of dolphins jumping out of the water near the shore.  So, I ended up near a little town on the eastern side of the state along the ocean called Palm Bay.  From the pictures I saw of the area, it definitely looked like the perfect destination.  Well worth running 867 miles, for sure.

Here’s a map of what my annual mileage looks like.  It sure makes it look a lot more extraordinary than just looking at numbers.  It was fun to find where I would finally end up, just to abruptly stop and tell my zombified followers… “It’s time for me to go home now.”

palmbaymapWhere did your 2013 miles take you?  I encourage you to map it out.  I used actual road routes, so I would have went even further had I used the way-the-crow-flys method of measurement.  You may be even more amazed (and proud) at your accomplishment.  If you do map it out, let me know how far you went and where you ended up.  I’ll help share your post with my virtual running friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy the run!! 😀 kc

About Kim Conrad

I live in West Virginia with my family on a small farm. I'm a country girl at heart, so I feel quite at home here. I love God, and my family and friends. I enjoy marketing, reading, music and sports. One of my newest passions is running. I started a blog about running the hills and hollars of West Virginia so I can share the beauty and challenges through the written word and pictures. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your stories with me as well. God bless!!

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  1. I love this mapping idea 🙂 I am going to work on that…You really had a great year! I hope the half goes well for you!

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